Recently, I have come across an interesting book’s title containing three keywords “EU”, “Law” and “Geopolitics”. Especially in 2022, the European Union foreign and security policies went through real world tests related to law and geopolitics. On this edition of “IR thinker”, I am curious about what can we learn about the EU foreign and security policies in those frameworks, does the EU have a strong legal framework supporting her foreign policy in today’s geopolitical dynamics?


  • Definition of Geopolitics
  • Four Concepts of EU Foreign Policy
  • Common Security and Foreign Policy
  • Treaty of Lisbon
  • EU Enlargement Current Stage
  • Geopolitics of Russian Energy Supplies
  • Geopolitics of Water
  • EU Enlargement Geopolitics
  • Legal Basis in the EU Law
  • Sanctions and COREPER II
  • EU Territory
  • EU Constitution
  • Common Geopolitical Challenges
  • Recommendations for EU Geopolitics

Luigi Lonardo

I am joined by Dr. Luigi Lonardo is a lecturer in EU law at University College Cork, Ireland, and a visiting lecturer in European Foreign Security and Defence Policy at Sciences Po in Paris, France.

Dr Lonardo has published two books. The first one, “EU Common Foreign and Security Policy After Lisbon: Between Law and Geopolitics” published in 2022, this is the book we will talk about it today.

Also, there is another publication “Russia’s 2022 War Against Ukraine and the EU’s Foreign Policy Reaction: Context, Diplomacy, and Law” published in January 2023.

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