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With the spirit of inquiry at our core, ‘IR Thinker’ strives to illuminate the intricate dynamics of world affairs. We are committed to supporting and showcasing cutting-edge research, providing a nurturing environment where scholars—emerging and established—can contribute their rigorous studies and innovative findings.

‘IR Thinker’ goes beyond the headlines, offering context, history, and depth to the stories that dominate the global agenda. We cater to an audience that craves more than just news – they seek understanding. Our interviews are tailored to uncover the thought processes and analytical frameworks of our esteemed guests, providing a unique learning experience for our listeners and viewers.

Our show is a celebration of diversity and expertise, and we are always on the lookout for voices that can contribute to and enrich the global conversation. If you have a background in international relations and a story to tell, we invite you to reach out.

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