Scholars of Tomorrow

‘Scholars of Tomorrow’ is a special edition of the ‘IR Thinker’ talk show, specifically tailored to amplify the voices of the most promising students in international relations. This programme ventures beyond the established horizons, engaging with the innovative ideas and theories cultivated by the brightest minds poised to shape the future of global politics, economics, and society.


To provide a dynamic and interactive platform where the next generation of international relations scholars can present their cutting-edge research, debate on emerging global issues, and offer their unique perspectives on the complex tapestry of global affairs.

Engagement Process

Universities interested in participating are invited to express their interest by contacting Martin Zubko, the producer of ‘IR Thinker’, through provided official contact details.

Universities will be requested to nominate students based on academic merit, research significance, and their potential contribution to the discussions on international relations.

Selected students will be coordinated with directly by Martin Zubko.

Final confirmation of the students’ participation, along with the recording schedule, will be communicated well in advance to ensure logistical ease.

University Collaboration Benefits

We invite academic departments of international relations across the United Kingdom and beyond to nominate their distinguished students to become a part of this enriching academic dialogue, helping to shape the future discourse of global affairs.

  • Highlighting institutional academic quality and student achievements.
  • Strengthening the profile of university international relations departments.
  • Offering students a platform to impact broader academic and public discourse.