Join us for an enlightening discussion with Ida Manton, a distinguished expert in the field of international relations and negotiations. In this in-depth interview, we explore various facets of diplomatic negotiations, from the evolution of teaching methods to the integration of technology and human skills. We also delve into specialised areas such as cyber, sport, and vaccine diplomacy, and examine how notions like climate change and human rights are influencing modern negotiation tactics. Whether you are a student of international relations, an experienced diplomat, or someone intrigued by the dynamics of global negotiations, this conversation offers valuable insights and a comprehensive overview.


  • Evolution of Diplomatic Negotiation Teaching
  • Technology vs. Human Skills in Negotiations
  • Challenges in Teaching International Negotiations
  • Student vs. Diplomat: Learning Diplomatic Negotiation
  • Utilising Case Studies in Negotiation Education
  • Influence of Trends, Climate Change and Human Rights, on Teaching
  • Handling Sensitive Topics in Teaching
  • Theory’s Role in Negotiation Education
  • Ethics and Morality in Negotiation
  • Negotiation Specialities: Cyber, Sport, Vaccine Diplomacy
  • Guest Experts in Negotiation Classes
  • Essential Skills for Negotiators
  • Importance of Language in Negotiation

Ida Manton

Ida Manton is a researcher and trainer with over 18 years of experience training diplomats, government officials, businesspeople, military staff and students in the fields of diplomacy, international negotiation processes, mediation and conflict resolution across Europe and Central Asia. Her extensive experience includes working with renowned diplomatic academies, institutes, and organisations such as the OSCE, EU, NATO, and various universities, such as the College of Europe, American University of Central Asia, and Prague University of Economics and Business.

She has played an instrumental role in preparing civil servants for EU Presidencies, conducting Model OSCE in multiple nations, and contributing scholarly articles on international mediation. As a member of POINT (Programme of International Negotiation Trainers), Ida organised the successful “PIN Roadshow in Prague” in 2018.

Currently, she’s engaged in an Oral History project “Living Memories” with the OSCE Documentation Center in Prague and actively contributing to reconciliation initiatives between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Her work symbolises a dedicated pursuit of peace, dialogue, and effective international cooperation.

Mrs. Manton’s linguistic proficiency is equally impressive, as she teaches in both Macedonian and English and is fluent in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnia/Montenegrin. Moreover, she possesses intermediate skills in Czech, along with a foundational understanding of Greek and French.

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