Delve into the intricate dynamics of Iranian-Azeri relations in this insightful video. From historical context to contemporary geopolitics, we explore crucial facets that shape this multifaceted relationship. Uncover the role of the Azeri minority in Iran, Iran’s cautious stance towards Azerbaijan, the significance of the Huseyniyyun Brigade, the strategic implications of the Zangezur corridor, and the geopolitical influence of the Caspian Sea. Discover Iran’s discreet involvement in Azerbaijan, its commitment to Armenian security, and the unexpected ties between Israel and Armenia. Gain insights into the importance of the Nakhchivan region and Iran’s military presence in Armenia. Explore the engagement of major global powers in the Caucasus and Azerbaijan’s foreign policy towards Israel. This video offers an insightful exploration of Iran-Azeri relations and their profound repercussions.


  • Overview of Iran-Azeri Relations
  • The Azeri Minority in Iran
  • Reasons Behind Iran’s Avoidance of Direct Confrontation with Azerbaijan
  • The Huseyniyyun Brigade
  • The Zangezur Corridor
  • Georgia’s Role in Iran-Azeri Relations
  • Geopolitics of the Caspian Sea
  • Iranian Secret Service Operations in Azerbaijan
  • Ensuring Armenian Security for Iranian Interests
  • The Relationship between Israel and Armenia
  • The Significance of the Nakhchivan Region
  • Iran’s Military Base in Armenia
  • Major Global Powers and Their Influence in the Caucasus
  • Israeli Foreign Policy vis-à-vis Azerbaijan
  • Azeri Foreign Policy and Its Stance towards Israel

Alexander Grinberg

Iran expert at Jerusalem Institute for Security and Strategy

Capt. (res.) in the IDF Military Intelligence research department. Holds degrees in Middle East and Islamic studies, and Arab language and literature, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Doctoral student in Iranian history at Tel Aviv University.

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