Join us as we delve into an insightful discussion with Dr. Aziz Alghashian, a renowned scholar on Middle Eastern politics, focusing particularly on Saudi Arabia. We explore the nation’s role as a defender of the Muslim world, its custodianship of Mecca, and how Western diplomacy often misunderstands its unique identity.

Dr. Alghashian provides an in-depth analysis of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s influence on Saudi’s national identity and the level of support he enjoys within the country. We examine the common misconceptions about Saudi Arabia’s identity, both in the West and Asia, and how these might affect international relations.

Our conversation then turns to the pivotal Abraham Accords and their implications for the Middle East. We discuss Saudi Arabia’s relationships with Israel, Syria, and Iran, the impact of Israel’s divided society on Saudi foreign policy, and the Assad regime’s influence on Saudi politics.

Towards the end, we address topics such as Saudi Arabia’s stance on regime change in Iran, the potential for a Middle East Security Pact, and the nation’s involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative and its ties with the BRICS nations.

Dr. Alghashian also sheds light on Saudi Arabia’s sustainable energy projects, its journey towards a greener future, and the nation’s pivotal role in counterterrorism efforts.


  • Saudi Arabia’s Role as Muslim World’s Defender
  • Custodianship of Mecca: Saudi Arabia’s Responsibility
  • Western Diplomacy with Saudi Arabia: A Misunderstood Approach?
  • Mohammed bin Salman: The Man Behind Saudi Identity
  • National Support for Mohammed bin Salman
  • Misconceptions about Saudi Identity in the West and Asia
  • The Abraham Accords: Repercussions for the Middle East
  • The Saudi-Israel Relationship
  • Divisions in Israeli Society: Implications for Saudi Foreign Policy
  • The Palestinian Dilemma: Why Isn’t Saudi Arabia Doing More?
  • The Saudi-Syrian Relationship
  • Saudi-Iranian Power Dynamics
  • Impact of the Assad Regime on Saudi Politics
  • Saudi Arabia’s Stance on Regime Change in Iran
  • A Security Pact for the Middle East
  • Belt and Road Initiative: Saudi Arabia’s Involvement
  • Saudi Arabia and the BRICS Nations
  • Saudi Arabia’s Journey Towards Sustainable Energy
  • Saudi Arabia’s Role in Counterterrorism Efforts

Aziz Alghashian

Dr. Aziz Alghashian is a captivating Saudi scholar who delves into the enigmatic realms of Saudi foreign policy. Having secured his PhD from the University of Essex in 2019, he has accrued several years of experience teaching International Relations, Politics, and Middle Eastern Studies. His current research illuminates the multifaceted dimensions of Saudi policy towards Israel and, more broadly, Arab-Israeli relations. He endeavours to expose the wealth of Saudi-Israeli/Arab-Israeli pragmatism in its rich history. His research is defined by the exploration of subtle and implied forms of collaboration and dialogue. Beyond academia, he lends his insights to news platforms such as France24, Sky, BBC, Forces TV and Russia Today.

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