A woman who interviewed over 800 terrorists worldwide, helped established rehabilitation programmes in Iraq and worked with leading international institutions to understand terrorism, extremism and hate crime.
It’s been my privilege to speak with Dr. Anne Speckhard about terrorism and extremism.


  • Anne’s Background
  • First Interview with a Terrorist
  • First Interview Questions and Preparation
  • Being a Woman While Interviewing Terrorists
  • Conditions for Interviewing Terrorists
  • Detainee Rehabilitation Program in Iraq
  • Breaking the ISIS Brand Counternarratives Project
  • Surprising ISIS Propaganda Elements
  • 4 Things Making a Terrorist
  • Women as Terrorists
  • Women’s Motivation to Join Terrorist Groups
  • Anne’s New Book and a Review of Three Chapters
  • The US and European Extremism Similarities and Differences
  • Emerging Trends in Extremism
  • The US Effort to Tackle Extremism at the Present
  • International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism

Dr. Anne Speckhard

Anne’s New Book – Homegrown Hate: Inside the Minds of Domestic Violent Extremists

International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism

Anne’s Academia Profile

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