Serbia and Russia, what a great topic to discuss with Dr. Vuk Vuksanovic who is a senior researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and an associate at LSE IDEAS, a foreign policy think tank within the London School of Economics and Political Science.

We divided this episode into two parts: “Energy relations” and “Political ties”.


  • Gazprom’s Role in the Serbian Energy Security
  • Gazprom’s Investment in Serbia
  • Diversification of Serbian Gas Supplies (Azerbaijan)
  • Russian Reaction to Azeri Gas
  • Serbian Oil Supplies, JANAF, DRUZHBA and Hungary
  • EU, Druzhba and Russian Oil Exceptions
  • Serbian, Hungarian and Russian Energy Union
  • Why Serbia Has No Nuclear Power Plant?
  • Does Russia Control Serbia?
  • Limits of Russian Influence in Serbia
  • Russian “mutual consultations” on the Serbian Foreign Policy
  • Russian Soft Power and the Wagner Group in Serbia
  • Serbia’s Role Between Russia and the West

Dr. Vuk Vuksanovic

Dr. Vuk Vuksanovic

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

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