On this episode of “IR thinker”, I was curious about the role of students in international relations, their contribution to diplomacy and problem-solving platforms such as international institutions and professional organizations. Thus, I interviewed Max Browning from Scotland, recently awarded with the Schwarzman Scholars’ scholarship for the best world future leaders.


  • Why students should get engage in international relations?
  • The difference between bachelor’s degree and master’s degree students
  • How can students go international with their projects?
  • How should students contact experts and senior managers?
  • What about if students do not study international relations, but they want to go international?
  • Posh universities vs regular universities
  • The most important skills for international students’ projects
  • How to develop leadership skills?
  • The most difficult barriers to international student collaboration
  • Should students involve lecturers and professors in their initiatives?
  • How should international student initiatives start?
  • The role of diaspora in international student projects
  • Digital identity of students’ projects
  • Schwarzman Scholars’ scholarship
  • Why to go to study in China?
  • Which courses will Max study? Who does teach in China?
  • Who is going to study with Max?
  • Challenges of studying and living in China
  • Where will Max live in China?
  • Do Chinese students develop international student initiatives?
  • Will Max share his experience in China on social media?
  • How to get an international scholarship?
  • Max’s future job

Max Browning

Max Browning is the Founder and Chairman of One Scotland, a charitable initiative bringing future leaders together through cultural exchange and collaboration at universities in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Aberdeen.

He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Double First in Chinese & Russian in 2022 and am now pursuing and MSc in East Asian Relations.

In 2021, he had the privilege of attending the COP26 Blue Zone on behalf of the University of Edinburgh and spoke about the importance of building a global network of young changemakers.

His other commitments include managing the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on China; attending the China Scotland Business Forum; and advising the Scotland China Education Network.

Max Browning’s LinkedIn

One Scotland Initiative

Schwarzman Scholars

Scottish Business Network

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