Join us for an insightful interview with Dr. Gordon Alley-Young, a renowned university professor of communication, as we delve into the complex world of social media and radicalisation. In this interview, we explore topics such as the role of social media in recruitment, crafting effective messages, counternarratives, algorithm manipulation, detection of radical content, international cooperation, account verification, encrypted messaging apps, fundraising for extremism, and strategies for addressing radical messages. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in tackling radicalisation on social media with Dr. Alley-Young.


  • The Role of Social Media in the Radicalisation Recruitment Process
  • Crafting Effective Messages on Social Media Platforms
  • Counternarratives and Their Impact on Social Media
  • Manipulating Algorithms: Influence on Social Media Content
  • Detecting and Limiting Radical Content on Social Media
  • International Cooperation: Combating Radical Content Across Borders
  • Account Verification on Social Media
  • Encrypted Messaging Apps and Their Connection to Radicalisation
  • Fundraising for Terrorism and Extremism on Social Media
  • Strategies for Addressing Radical Messages and Banners on Social Media

Gordon Alley-Young

Dr. Gordon Alley-Young is a Professor of Speech Communication and dean at Kingsborough Community College – City University of New York (CUNY). His research focuses on intercultural communication and (post)colonialism within popular culture and critical perspectives on education, culture, identity, gender, class and sexuality.

Selected Publications
Alley-Young, G. (2023) ‘Social media and terrorist financing’, in S. N. Romaniuk, C. Kaunert, and A. P. H. Fabe, Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing. 1st edn. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 85–96.

Alley-Young, G. (2023) ‘Army recruitment of ethnic minorities’, in S.N. Romaniuk and P.N. Marton (eds) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Global Security Studies. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 74–80.

Alley-Young, G. (2008) ‘Articulating identity: refining postcolonial and whiteness perspectives on race within communication studies’, Review of Communication, 8(3), pp. 307–321.

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