In our interview with Professor Ole Gunnar Austvik, a renowned expert in international economics and energy policy, we explore key aspects of Norway’s energy security and geopolitics.

We discuss the evolution of Norway’s oil exports, the role of private companies in the oil market, and the diversification strategies of oil exports. The conversation also covers the impact of the Ukraine conflict on Norway’s gas exports to the EU, public opinion on LNG expansion, and the state of the country’s natural gas pipeline infrastructure. Additionally, we delve into Norway’s energy cooperation with Nordic countries, the potential of the Arctic in energy exploration, and the future of nuclear energy in Norway.


  • Evolution of Norway’s Oil Exports
  • Role of Private Companies in the Norwegian Oil Market
  • Diversifying Norway’s Oil Export Strategy
  • Investment Trends in the Norwegian Oil Sector
  • Ethical Considerations in Norway’s Oil Export Industry
  • Impact of the Ukraine War on Norway’s Gas Exports to the EU
  • Domestic Political Dynamics and Norway’s Gas Exports
  • State of the Norwegian Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Public Opinion on LNG Expansion in Norway
  • Balancing Norwegian Reserves with EU Export Demands
  • Norway’s National Energy Strategy
  • Norway’s Electricity Export
  • Hydrogen Export
  • The Arctic: Norway’s New Energy Frontier
  • Exploring New Energy Reserves Outside of Norway
  • Energy Collaboration Among Nordic Countries
  • The State of Nuclear Energy in Norway
  • Future Directions in Norway’s Energy Policy

Ole Gunnar Austvik

Ole Gunnar Austvik is a Norwegian economist and political scientist, specialising in political economy, oil and gas policy and European integration. Currently, he is professor of political economy and petroleum economics at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Also, an appointed Senior Fellow at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. In addition, Professor Gunna Austvik has been working with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), BI Norwegian Business School and Statistics Norway.

Selected publications:
Austvik, O.G. (2019). Norway: Small State in the Great European Energy Game. In: Godzimirski, J.M. (eds) New Political Economy of Energy in Europe. International Political Economy Series. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Ole Gunnar Austvik, Carolina Lembo, ‘EU-Russian Gas Trade and the Shortcomings of International Law’, (2017), 51, Journal of World Trade, Issue 4, pp. 645-674,

Austvik, O.G. and Rzayeva, G. (2017) ‘Turkey in the geopolitics of energy’, Energy Policy, 107, pp. 539–547. Available at:

Austvik, O.G. (2016) ‘The Energy Union and security-of-gas supply’, Energy Policy, 96, pp. 372–382. Available at:

On Professor Austvik’s personal website, there is an excellent section featuring all of his publications, many of which are available for free download.

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