By all accounts, 2023 will be a year of endless debates about energy relations between the European Union and Russia. On this edition of “IR thinker”, I am curious about Russian LNG in Europe, is it a sign of hypocrisy in the European Union or a smart Russian business move?


  • Russian LNG in Europe
  • Novatek and LNG Transport to Europe
  • LNG Politics and the European Union
  • EU Gas Storage, LNG Supplies and Terminals
  • Russia Sells LNG to Third Countries
  • LNG Gas Contracts
  • LNG Price Components
  • LNG Market and Reforms in Europe
  • Recommendation for the European Union

Andreas Schroeder

I am joined by Andreas Schroeder, Head of Energy Analytics at ICIS – Independent Commodity Intelligence Services; a global company with 150 years of experience in delivering market intelligence. Andreas is a leading expert on LNG issues, and I highly recommend connecting with him on LinkedIn, where he posts tremendous sources of knowledge.

ICIS company website:

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