Today, we are going to speak about Japan from a slightly different angle – what expats, people who were not born in Japan, but live there, think about Japan.


  • Japanese International Voice in the Last 10 Years
  • Japanese Confidence in International Relations
  • Young Japanese and Global Politics
  • Japanese Elite Universities
  • Japanese Political Thinking
  • Why Changes in Japan Take So Long
  • Abe’s Impact on Japan
  • Abe’s Legacy
  • Japanese Domestic Politics
  • One Political Party in Japan
  • Intellectual Property Decline
  • Ageing and Demographics
  • Raising a Child in Japan
  • Ukraine and Japan
  • Japanese Regional Relations

Maya Matsuoka

I am joined by Maya Matsuoka, a long-term resident of Japan. She has worked both in Bulgaria and Japan, her career including positions in the education, travel and tourism, and IT industries. Maya is also an international broadcaster with a spectacular talk show, Japan Expert Insights.

Over the past two years, with the help of the Tim Sullivan, Maya has built Japan Expert Insights into a community hub for professionals who have substantial experience of working and doing businesses in Japan.

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