In this illuminating interview, we sit down with Dr. Tom Walsh, a distinguished university lecturer and researcher in international relations based in the United Kingdom. Dr. Walsh takes us on a comprehensive journey through the complex web of factors contributing to the ongoing conflict in Yemen. The interview is divided into thought-provoking chapters, each exploring a crucial aspect of the Yemen crisis, including its historical origins, the diverse Yemeni society, foreign interventions, motivations behind Saudi Arabia’s involvement, prospects for peace, and much more.

Join us as Dr. Tom Walsh provides valuable insights into the geopolitical dynamics, humanitarian implications, and the role of various actors in this deeply entrenched conflict. Whether you’re an academic researcher, policymaker, or simply interested in understanding one of the world’s most pressing crises, this interview offers a comprehensive overview of the Yemen conflict in 2023.


  • The Roots of Conflict: Why is there war in Yemen?
  • The Mosaic of Yemeni Society: Tribes and Ethnic Groups
  • Foreign Players in the Yemeni Conflict
  • Saudi Arabia’s Motivation for Military Intervention
  • Pursuit of Peace vs. Perpetuation of Conflict
  • Geopolitical Approaches: China and Russia in Yemen
  • Yemen in 2023: A Glimpse of the Current Situation
  • The Intersection of Religion and Politics in Yemen
  • The Humanitarian Crisis Unveiled: Implications of War
  • Blockades and Aid Delivery: The Struggle for Access
  • International Law and the Quest for Humanitarian Corridors
  • Tribal Reactions and Loyalties Amidst the Conflict
  • Yemeni Refugees: Escaping the Ravages of War
  • Yemen and the Shadow of Terrorism
  • International Alliances and Yemen’s Diplomatic Relations
  • Researching Yemen: An Academic Perspective
  • Yemeni Scholars and Their Contributions
  • Propaganda Wars: Visual Narratives by Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Houthis
  • The Power of Social Media in Yemen
  • Recommendations for Policymakers: Tom’s Insights

Tom Walsh

Dr Tom Walsh is a Lecturer of International Relations and Politics & Middle East Researcher at Northumbria University. Associate Instructor at LSE. Award-winning Academic Conference Chair and Event Organiser. Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Studying the use of narrative warfare, particularly in the form of sectarian rhetoric, on social media in the ‘New Middle East Cold War’ between Saudi Arabia and Iran, focusing on its impact in legitimising extraordinary actions in Yemen.

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