Explore the dark world of radicalisation within the United States as we delve into the story of Jeff Schoep, a former leader of a Neo-Nazi group. Discover the reasons behind his 25-year involvement and the intricate web of extremist ideologies. Join us for insights on countering hate, and the impact of radicalisation on American society. Don’t miss this eye-opening exploration of a pressing issue in today’s world.


  • Jeff Schoep’s Neo-Nazi Leadership
  • Becoming a Neo-Nazi Leader in the USA
  • Jeff Schoep’s 25-Year Neo-Nazi Journey
  • Neo-Nazi Group Membership
  • Crafting Speeches for Followers
  • Financing the Neo-Nazi Movement
  • US Restrictions on Neo-Nazi Symbols
  • Jeff’s Decision to Quit the Neo-Nazi Organization
  • Jeff Schoep and The Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Online Landscape and Radicalisation
  • Economic Disparities and Radicalisation
  • US Military Interventions and Radicalisation
  • Prisons and Radicalisation
  • Spectrum of Radical Ideologies in the USA
  • Exporting Ideologies from the USA
  • US Strategies and Law Enforcement Against Radicalisation
  • Local Community Efforts Against Radicalisation
  • AI in Countering Radicalisation
  • Vulnerable Age Groups and Radicalisation
  • Republicans, Democrats, and Radicalisation
  • Tackling Radicalisation in the USA & Scholarly Contributions

Jeff Schoep

Jeff Schoep is the Founder of Beyond Barriers, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people leave extremist organizations as well as providing support and connections to individuals and communities affected by extremism.

Before starting Beyond Barriers, Jeff Schoep lead the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States. For 25 years, Jeff Schoep was infamous for stoking the flames of division and hate, as the National Leader of America’s largest neo-Nazi party, National Socialist Movement (NSM). Through interpersonal relationships and dialogue with those he once vilified, Jeff’s life was changed forever. In 2019, Jeff left the NSM and publicly denounced the ideology he once espoused.

Jeff Schoep transitioned from mastering propaganda that promoted hatred and fear to total dedication to our shared humanity. He provides unique insights into the inner workings of far-right extremism from first hand knowledge and personal experience. Jeff has spoken nationally and internationally, from synagogues to universities, from broadcasts such as Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk to speaking at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway with Deeyah Khan.

Today, Jeff is a consultant for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and an inspirational speaker for Conscious Campus. Jeff works alongside of community and government agencies, mental health professionals, academic research and development teams, religious and educational institutions across the United States and abroad.

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