In this in-depth interview, we explore, with the esteemed scholar Professor Vesko Garčević, President Aleksandar Vučić’s foreign policy approach in Serbia, examining his management of diplomatic relations, his impact on Serbia’s EU aspirations, and his navigation of geopolitical tensions between the East and West.


  • Serbian Foreign Policy During Aleksandar Vučić Era
  • Four Pillars of Serbian Foreign Policy
  • Which Pillar is the Strongest One?
  • What Does Kosovo Mean for Aleksandar Vučić?
  • Aleksandar Vučić Vision
  • Greater Serbia Concept
  • Manipulation of Masses
  • Does the European Union Understand Serbia?
  • Is the BRICS an Alternative for Aleksandar Vučić?
  • Latest Security Updates
  • Chinese Military Base in Serbia, a Realistic Scenario?
  • Turkey, Cuba and Venezuela
  • Why is Aleksandar Vučić Still in Power?
  • Weak Points of Aleksandar Vučić
  • Being a Diplomat During Aleksandar Vučić Era

Vesko Garčević

Vesko Garčević is a prominent Montenegrin diplomat, having served as the Ambassador of Montenegro in Brussels (NATO), Vienna (OSCE), Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, with significant involvement during the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Montenegro’s democratic transition.

Professor Garcevic participated in prestigious international conferences on security such as German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum, Munich Security Conference and Halifax International Security Forum.

Affiliation & Profile
Professor of the Practice of International Relations, Boston University, The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies

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