Recent tensions between Serbia and Kosovo have flared anew following a raid by Kosovo’s police on Serb-dominated areas in the north of the region, which included the seizure of local municipality buildings. This incident ignited violent clashes between Kosovo’s police and NATO-led peacekeepers on one side, and local Serbs on the other, resulting in dozens of injuries on both sides. In response, Serbia has increased the combat readiness of its troops stationed near the border. It prompts the question: are we returning to the times of war?


  • International Status of Kosovo
  • Kosovo’s International Voice
  • EU and Kosovo
  • Negotiations with the EU
  • Impact of Josep Borrell and Miroslav Lajcak
  • Alternative Mediators for Kosovo
  • President Vucic and the EU Negotiations
  • Kosovo’s Crisis Development and Outlook
  • Kosovo’s Demographics
  • Principle of Ethnicity in Kosovo
  • Tenets of the Latest Tensions in Kosovo in 2023
  • Are the Serbs in Kosovo without Representation?
  • Election Boycott by Serbs
  • Impact of Russia and China
  • Kosovo vs Crimea
  • The Impact of the US Military Presence in Kosovo

Dr Helena Ivanov

Dr Helena Ivanov is an Associate Research Fellow at the London-based Henry Jackson Society. She completed her PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before undertaking her PhD, Helena earned a master’s degree in Political Theory from the University of Oxford, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of Belgrade. She has been the recipient of numerous international awards and is a regular contributor to global media and press outlets.

Dr Ivanov’s research focuses on the relationship between propaganda and violence against civilians.

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