In this episode, Dr. Daniel Scholten delves into the fascinating world of geopolitics in the context of the energy transition. Discover the key geopolitical expectations, security implications, and the role of energy diplomacy in shaping our global energy landscape. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Dr. Scholten, as we explore the critical research areas and emerging trends in the geopolitics of energy transition.


  • Significance of Geopolitics in Energy Transition
  • Key Geopolitical Expectations in the Energy Transition
  • Identifying the Most Critical Research Area
  • Geopolitical Ramifications for Fossil Fuel Exporting Nations during Energy Transition
  • Prospects for Global Renewable Energy Corporations
  • Geopolitical Dynamics in the Arctic Region
  • Securing Critical Rare Materials for Energy Transition
  • International Organizations and Governance in Energy Transition
  • Role of Energy Diplomacy
  • Geopolitical Cooperation in Energy Transition
  • Security Implications of Energy Transition
  • Research Trends and Methodologies in Geopolitics of Energy Transition

Daniel Scholten

Daniel Scholten is visiting assistant professor at the Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. He specializes in the geopolitics of the energy transition whilst having a broader interest in the governance of sustainability.

Dr Scholten aims to contribute to a smooth energy transition, both domestically and globally, through fundamental and actionable knowledge. In the past, he was strategic advisor energy and sustainability at the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (and energy regulator), assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, and member of the expert panel of the IRENA global commission on the geopolitics of energy transformation.

His educational background combines degrees in political science (Radboud University) and international & European relations (University of Amsterdam, with distinction) with a PhD on the economic organization of future energy systems (Delft University of Technology).

Selected Publications:
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