Explore the Afghan refugee crisis in Pakistan with Ido Raz, an expert in international relations. This interview covers key issues like the mass departure of Afghans, security risks, and Pakistan’s response. Raz discusses the geopolitical impact, Taliban’s role, and potential conflict escalation. Essential for understanding the complex dynamics of the Afghan-Pakistani relationship.


  • Afghan Displacement: Scale and Impact
  • Security Concerns for Returning Afghans
  • Border Dynamics and International Response
  • Revisiting Pakistan’s Afghan Visa Policy
  • Pakistan’s Response: Strategy and Tactics
  • Taliban’s Crisis Management
  • Pakistan’s Political Crisis and Afghan Exodus
  • Terrorist Groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Pakistan-Afghanistan Economic Ties
  • Afghan-Pak Border: Colonial Legacy
  • Diplomacy in the Refugee Crisis
  • Need for Mediation in Pakistan-Afghanistan
  • Cultural Aspects of the Crisis
  • Pashtuns’ Role in the Situation
  • Long-Term Policies for Crisis Resolution
  • Conflict Risks: Pakistan vs Afghanistan
  • Nuclear Factors in the Crisis
  • Research Challenges in Pakistan-Afghanistan
  • Afghan-Pakistani Scholar Collaboration
  • Suggested Research Areas

Ido Raz

Ido Gadi Raz is a distinguished researcher specialising in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, with a keen focus on terrorism, geopolitics, and international relations. Presently engaged in a fast-track Ph.D. programme in International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ido blends his academic pursuits with practical experience. His background includes a notable role as a financial intelligence analyst in the Israeli government sector, lending a unique perspective to his regional expertise.

He holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from Bar Ilan University, demonstrating a deep engagement with the cultural and linguistic subtleties of the region. Ido is actively involved in contributing to scholarly discourse, primarily through journal papers and analytical articles. Moreover, he is a recognised voice in Israeli media, where he shares his insights and perspectives on contemporary issues shaping Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the broader Middle East.

Selected Publications:
“Pakistan-Israel Relations: A Chance of Normalization?”, Strategic Assessment, Vol.26 (1)

“Against all Expectations: Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations after the American Withdrawal”, Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies, Vol.4 (1)

Ayalon, Raz, and Amiel, “The United States Withdrawal from Afghanistan after Two Decades of a Global War on Terrorism”, Strategic Assessment, Vol.25 (1)

“Far But Present: Israel’s Three Major Threats Coming From Afghanistan – Analysis”, Eurasia Review · Sep 24, 2023.

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